Thundercat Face Mask
Thundercat Face Mask

Thundercat Face Mask

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This fearless kitty cat playing with lightning has become a best seller! Now this Thundercat Face Mask is available to add to the awesomeness that is Thundercat! CoViD-19 (Coronavirus) took the world by surprise and thousands have died due to the highly contagious airborne spread. Wearing ANYTHING on your face helps decrease the chance of spreading this awful virus. Three big reasons why wearing a face mask will help save lives: If you have CoViD-19, are asymptomatic, or sick in general, it WILL HELP mitigate the amount of your droplets from reaching others nasal and mouth passages, it WILL HELP mitigate the amount of other droplets from reaching your nasal and mouth passages, and it WILL HELP by causing you to touch your face less. Touching your face is one of the easiest ways to bring the virus into your body through your nose and mouth. If/when you have access to something medical grade, we highly suggest you use that instead. However, while the entire world waits for that, we have the most fashionable face masks on the planet! The masks are also great for pet allergens, dusty environments, and Other environments that require Respiratory Protection. Made from polyester blend material and sublimated print. These face masks serve as an easy to wear protective layer and designed for comfort. IMPORTANT PLEASE READ **This face mask is NOT 100% preventative, no mask is, and it’s NOT intended to be a surgical mask or medical respirator. DO NOT GO OUT AROUND PEOPLE UNLESS IT’S AN EMERGENCY, please social distance yourself, and use this mask in a worst case scenario of having no other alternatives, or simply enjoy this mask as a fashion product post CoViD-19! Remember, this mask IS better than nothing - so please wear one to help save lives if there is nothing else better available**.

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